Our cheeky girl NEGRA…..a purebred pitbull…. A misunderstood breed….a misunderstood girl….. NEGRA is a really stunning and loving dog. She is 5 years old, 30 kilos, already spayed, microchipped and with all her vaccinations. She loves to be around humans, she is good with other dogs, she loves cuddles and she is a playful and […]


Iris was found as a stray in Cyprus. She was very starving, thirsty and scared to death! It was difficult to rescue her as she wasn’t used to human contact, but as soon as we caught her we realized she was just a baby! She is less than 1 year old, medium size 12kilos and […]


Theia is a beautiful Pointer girl who was found shivering from fear. If she had a voice she would talk, but her eyes tell everything. She is in a local pound, shaking out of fear. A rescuer sat with her for 30 minutes trying to befriend her but she was as cold as ice, scared […]


Bobby is a delightful little scamp – the latest addition at Noah’s. More to follow next week