Found – Engomi

This male Labrador-cross was found wandering in Engomi, Nicosia. He doesn’t have a microchip so we can’t easily get him back to his owner. If you recognise him as your dog, or know who his owner is, please get in touch.

Found – Metro, Paralimni

This little fellow was found wandering near Metro supermarket in Paralimni Hopefully he can be reunited with his owners soon. If he belongs to you or your recognise him and can help him find his owner, please get in touch……

Found – Oroklini/Pyla Area

This boy is about 4-5 years old and came into the pound in great condition, very well fed and very friendly. He MUST have an owner that is looking for him! We kindly ask everybody locally to SHARE SHARE SHARE. If he is your dog, or you know who he belongs to, please contact Marie […]


Can you help “Tersefanou Tommy”? He is currently in the village pound in Tersefanou, which has a strict destruction policy if a dog isn’t claimed in 14 days. He’s already overstayed his ‘welcome’ due to the efforts of volunteers negotiating with the dog warden, but time is running out and it is feared he will […]