Lovely little Bella had a hard start in life – abandoned at just four weeks old. She was rescued and adopted a few months ago, but the adopter no longer wants her and is threatening to send her to the village pound where she will be put to sleep after 14 days unless a new […]


YOGI-this boy was abandoned as a puppy. Since than he grew up with us! Look what a beautiful boy he has grown into!! Will you offer him a forever loving home???


Freda is a beautiful Jura hound who is about three years old. When she was found in August 2016 she was supposed to be at least 16 kilos – instead she weighed only 9. The 2nd Chance for Life organisation who are caring for her have never seen a dog in worse condition – that […]


PATCH with her 4 babies is a case of neglect….. Like thousands of others on our small island… You see, Patch had an owner…. An owner who treated her so badly….. An owner who let her give birth every few months… Who let her roam the streets, hungry, thirsty and with millions of ticks all […]


Hi! My name’s Burley. I’m a wire-haired terrier cross. I don’t really know what years are but I hear that I’m about 2 1/2 to 3 of them. I’m a real little gentleman, calm and well behaved. I would love to find my forever home where I can enjoy pottering about and getting lots of […]


This little girl is Molly. She was abandoned at a cemetery where she lived as a stray for a few months. She was in danger of being run over by cars and of being poisoned. She was found covered in ticks and very scared. She has been to the vet and been dewormed vaccinated and […]


Our cheeky girl NEGRA…..a purebred pitbull…. A misunderstood breed….a misunderstood girl….. NEGRA is a really stunning and loving dog. She is 5 years old, 30 kilos, already spayed, microchipped and with all her vaccinations. She loves to be around humans, she is good with other dogs, she loves cuddles and she is a playful and […]


CALIDA… her name means the most beautiful…. because she really is….. inside and outside…. Calida…. Her name means the most beautiful….. Calida rescued on 10/7/16 from a farmers cage…….. She was there with another 2 dogs…. The Rescuer’s Story “I used to see them in our way to our small shelter….. When we were […]


Iris was found as a stray in Cyprus. She was very starving, thirsty and scared to death! It was difficult to rescue her as she wasn’t used to human contact, but as soon as we caught her we realized she was just a baby! She is less than 1 year old, medium size 12kilos and […]


Theia is a beautiful Pointer girl who was found shivering from fear. If she had a voice she would talk, but her eyes tell everything. She is in a local pound, shaking out of fear. A rescuer sat with her for 30 minutes trying to befriend her but she was as cold as ice, scared […]