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Location Cyprus
Colour Black, White
Size Medium
Date Added December 2, 2016
Listed By Thought 4 Paws
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PATCH with her 4 babies is a case of neglect….. Like thousands of others on our small island…

You see, Patch had an owner….
An owner who treated her so badly…..
An owner who let her give birth every few months…
Who let her roam the streets, hungry, thirsty and with millions of ticks all over her body…..
Patch with her babies used to sleep under a car, with no bed, no blanket…not even a wooden house….
One day one of the pups was run over by a car…amazingly Patch and her other babies survived by a miracle….as they were in the road also.

Patch stood for hours licking the dead body of her son, trying to make it move…..The puppy lay dead on the road for almost a day before someone picked it up and threw it who knows where…

A neighbour who was fed up with the whole situation decided to call the police.
The police as soon as they saw the terrible situation and what was happening, confiscated Patch with her 3 other babies and took them to the pound….

We can tell you this little family was so, so scared…. We took them immediately out of there, as we couldn’t risk leaving them to die from parvo….

Patch and her pups are with us since 27/9/16…. Her two babies were lucky enough to found their forever homes but little Patch and her son Martin are still waiting.

Patch is a mini collie cross of black and white colors and she has the gentlest eyes ever….
She is only 13.4 kilos and her estimated date of birth is 20/4/15.
She is one of the most obedient, sweet, calm and loving dog we have ever met…

She needs a NEW forever home where her family will treat her the way she deserves! With love and care!

Please consider offering her a home!

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