Help Needed
Location Cyprus, Larnaca
Colour Black, White
Size Small
Date Added May 1, 2017
Listed By Thought 4 Paws
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Veterinary Information
Neutered Microchipped Vaccinated
Adoption Information


Lovely little Bella had a hard start in life – abandoned at just four weeks old.

She was rescued and adopted a few months ago, but the adopter no longer wants her and is threatening to send her to the village pound where she will be put to sleep after 14 days unless a new home is found.

Bella is just 10 months old.

We have no further information at this stage as to the circumstances leading up the adoption failure.

We don’t know what breed she is but she is a small dog with the most adorable face.

If you can give Bella a real forever home or even a foster home so she can stay out of the pound, you will literally be saving her life.

Please spread the word.

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