Why Thought4Paws Was Started

“A Dog A Day” soon became the lament, after moving to Cyprus in 2012. You only need open your eyes, and your heart and you could bring home a stray dog every day of the year.

It seems that no matter how many dogs find homes, there are more waiting on the streets and in the wilds to take their place in the handful of overcrowded and underfunded shelters on the island.

Across the island and beyond Cyprus to more dog-friendly countries elsewhere in Europe, there are wonderful people working tirelessly to find homes for Cyprus’ unwanted dogs and to raise funds to provide the essential food, shelter and medical support the dogs need while homes are found.

What quickly becomes apparent is that many of these people work in isolation or in small groups, often unaware of each other. Much is done, as is common in Cyprus, by word of mouth. So a dog-lover discovers a shelter in a village a few kilmetres away and gets involved, never knowing that someone in their own street is also working to help dogs at a pound a few kilometres in the other direction.

Facebook is awash with groups and pages dedicated to Cyprus stray dogs and their plight, and while the volunteers and organisers who post here are doing their best, they are definitely not getting the best return on their efforts – because Facebook is a fickle friend.

As someone who found room for a stray in my home, I wanted to do more. Taking in more dogs wasn’t an option. I could spare some money every now and then to fund some vets bills but I wanted to do more. As someone who builds websites as a business, and who has many years experience of helping businesses improve their marketing and communications, I decided that the best thing I could do was offer that expertise. I could have chosen a shelter and worked with them, but what about the equally needy dogs at the next shelter, and the next. So I decided that if I was going to do something, it had to be something to help all shelters and volunteers and all dogs.

And so Thought4Paws was born.

The Mission

The mission of Thought4Paws is to help the dog rescue community find a loving home for every stray dog in Cyprus – and to ensure that those who are waiting for their home do so in comfort, and that those who can’t be rehomed for whatever reason have a safe and enjoyable place to live out their days.

Pretty huge hey?

Can it be done? Who knows. But I believe that it is only by setting such a huge goal that enough people will come together to ensure the task is done.

Are you up to the Challenge? If so, join Thought4Paws today.